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     Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain, typically occurring in children, athletes, young and old adults and affects both men and women. In fact, millions of people may experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

          Why is lower back pain such a widespread problem? This area supports a large portion of our body’s weight and enables us to make many different movements, which means it’s also subjected to the most stress. The lumbar spine normally consists of five vertebrae that form the forward curve of the bow back and are cushioned by rubbery discs.

     As we age, the discs and joints lose water content and elasticity. This weakening can make the discs more susceptible to damage and subluxation, while the joint can develop conditions like osteoarthritis and bone spurs. These conditions can cause both local aches and pains in the lower back as well as radiating symptoms to the extremities.

          In addition to age-related spine conditions, back pain can also be caused by everything from a mild muscle strain to traumatic injury or falls, such as a child falling on a toy or someone’s foot or playing sports as a youth or adult. This is why it is so important to see your chiropractor for diagnosis and treatment.